Complete Procedure of Prize Bond Draw in Pakistan

Prize bond draw

Complete Process of Prize Bond Draw Result

Prize Bond Draw is held by a committee constituted by Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS). Under Ministry of Finance Islamabad at respective SBP, BSC (BANK). office as per draw schedule announced by them for one year. Winning prize bonds are drawn through Hand operated draw machine, which is operated by special children in front of Committee members and the general public. Attending the draw ceremony. Draw machine is also checked by the general public before the start of the draw. Prize Bonds draws will be held at Karachi, Hyderabad Quetta, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar.

After the introduction of New Denomination Prize Bond Draws were held a series wise. i.e. separate draw for each series of a denomination through Computer. Since the process as well its publication was very lengthy voluminous general public shown their dissatisfaction Resultantly the process was switched over to single common draw in November 2000. which means one prize bond of a denomination declared winning applied to all series of that denomination prize bonds. It was also mentioned in the Government’s Notification containing the said instructions that the draws may be held with the help of six drums arranged in a row or by any other similar instrument machine. Therefore, simple Hand Operated Draw Machines are arranged for all of our 16 field offices. The general public may also attend the prize bond draw ceremony o the production of original CNIC.

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Machine is operated through an outside handle. Which is connected with an iron rod around which 7 discs/cubes are attached with the help of revolving wheels. Disk/cube are of a 10-dimensional shape having a digit on each side. There are 10 digits in each disk/cube from 0 to 9 all the digits around the rod rotate simultaneously, freely and independently when the handle pulled by the operator.

However, each wheel stopped according to its own momentum separately. The disc/cube cannot be stopped singly/jointly from outside intervention. In front and on the top of the machine there are seven windows covered with glass for display of 6 winning digit. As we have 99999 pieces in a denomination of Prize Bonds, the seventh aperture of window is shut down with the help of shutter at extreme right hand side. When the disc/cubes stopped the 6 digits displayed through the six windows. An official of CDNS call the number by and by loudly firstly from right to left and then left to right after calling six digits. it constitutes a winning number. In all the offices we are using Hand Operated Draw Machine. However, in order to complete the draw in case of emergency without any break as alternate arrangements six drums remain ready.

Draw system by use of drums is no more in use however we give the detail to understand the system. Draw will be managed by a committee constituted by (CDNS) for each draw as follows:

  1. CHAIRMAN   – An Officer of the Government.
  2. SECRETARY – Concerned C.M./D.C.M of the State Bank, SBP BSC (Bank) Offices.
  3. MEMBERS – Three.

The above Committee will be assisted by six Gazetted Officers of the Government, who will be responsible for the operation of the drums. Where the draw is to be held by Hand Operated Draw Machine, School children preferably from Special Education Schools are invited for its operation. Further assistance, if necessary, will be provided by the officers of the State Bank of Pakistan, who may be deputed for this purpose by the Chief Manager in such a number as may be necessary.

Prize bond draw



The method of drawing approved by the Government is contained in the Detailed procedure by which each prize-winning number will be constructed and the connected action required to be taken are as follows:

  1. There will be six containers, each representing units, tens, hundreds, ten thousands and lakhs positions. This will be indicated by one, two, three or more zeros painted on each drum. The six drums will be placed in a row in such a manner that the number is read from the spectator’s side; in other words, drum with the single zero will be on the extreme right and the drum with six zeros will be on the extreme left from the spectator’s side.
  2. Each individual drum will be operated by a Gazetted Officer.
  3. One member of the Committee will ensure the number and sequence of the cubes required to be placed in each drum.
  4. After ensuring as above, the cubes will be placed in the drums, which will then be closed.
  5. On the announcement of the start of the draw by the Chairman, the drums will be rotated at least three times to ensure that the contents are thoroughly mixed. Thereafter, each officer in charge of a drum will draw one cube from his drum and place it on the tray in front of him.
  6. A member of the Committee or a person deputed by the Secretary will read on the loudspeaker the number of each cube commencing from units position and ending on lakhs position.
  7. The digits on each cube is drawn for constructing prize-winning number shall be recorded (from the units side) individually on a blackboard to be provided at each center.
  8. Simultaneously, the individual digits will be recorded by the Secretary in his own hand in the Register in form PB-42; and as soon as one number is constructed, it will be initiated by him; one member of the committee also initiating the individual entry simultaneously. After recording thus, the prize-winning number will be announced.
  9. After all the prize-winning numbers of the prize bonds have been recorded, as provided in Para (ix) above, the Register will be signed by the Chairman, Secretary, and all the members

The machine will be operated by the Drawing Officer and the procedure of the draw will be the same as stated above.


 Sources State Bank of Pakistan official website. 


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