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National Savings Accounts complete Information

National Savings Accounts:– National Savings is an attached department of Finance Ministry. Its main managerial office is Central Directorate of National Savings situated at Islamabad. Regional Directorates are in twelve main cities of Pakistan namely Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Sukkar, Karachi, Abbottabad, Gujranwala, Faislabad, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Quetta. 370+ National Savings Centers spread throughout the country working under the jurisdiction of their respective Regional Directorates.

Role of National Savings in Pakistan’s Economy:

National Savings takes pride in serving millions of investors nation wide with “Unshakeable Trust” and playing a vital role in the promotion of savings and National Development. It offers safe & easy way to boost economy with upside potential of investment and making a solid addition to the economy of Pakistan. National Savings has always been most trusted and preferred choice of individuals and institutional savings. Therefore National savings is a benchmark of all-out excellence.

Future of National Savings:

Investments is not only dependent upon the rate of return, rather it is equally dependent upon the standard of customer services, method of operations, kind of facilities and efficiency & proficiency of organization as well as security of investments. Automation of accounts is also nearing its completion to facilitate the investors. National Savings is continuously improving its basket of savings products.

National Savings Financial Analysis:

Total investment portfolio of National Savings is Rs.2,596,414.14/- and it is approximately 82% of the whole investment gathered by other financial institutions i.e scheduled banks etc. Keeping in view the aforementioned facts and figures it would be worth saying that National Savings and its Investments are the pillars of Pakistan’s Economy.

There are 3 types of National savings account which are given below.

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  1. Savings Account(SA)
  2. Special Savings Account (SSA)
  3. Pensioners Benefit Account (PBA)

National Savings Accounts Quick Preview

National Savings Accounts

  1. Savings Account


Categories Account
Product Nature Account
Beneficiaries Small Savers
Withdrawals 3 / week Max
Investment Limit 100 Min – No limit Max

2. Special Savings Account

Categories Account
Product Nature Account
Beneficiaries General Public
Maturity 3 Years
Profit Paid Bi Annually
Mode of Investment Cheque & Cash
Investment Limit Min 500 – Max No limit

3. Pensioners Benefit Account

Categories Account
Product Nature Account
Beneficiaries Pensioners
Maturity 10 Years
Profit Paid Monthly Basis
Mode of Investment Cheque & Cash
Investment Limit 10000 Min – 5000000 Max


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